Here are some of the things our students have to share about Biodesign Melbourne. 

“BioDesign is all about problem solving. Developing creative solutions with a great team was totally rewarding.”

Shing Yue Sheung, Bachelor of Commerce (2014) and Master of Engineering (2015-2017).

Shing Yue Sheung

“Without doubt taking BioDesign Innovation has been the best experience of my MBA. BioDesign is both challenging and rewarding. It is a practical application of many of the skills developed in your MBA and also an opportunity to learn while using the frameworks for starting a new business venture. Although the context of BioDesign is in creating a startup to commercialise a new biomedical device, I believe what I have learnt can be used in any industry and for businesses of any size.

The most exciting part of BioDesign, however, is the journey my team will now take to progress our embryonic concept beyond this year’s classroom.”

Andrew Davey, MBA Student (2016) and Patent Attorney (IP Strategy).
Andrew Davey

“BioDesign Innovation has been my most rewarding MBA subject.  I’ve built enduring friendships (especially within my team), and whilst challenging, it has provided the setting to both explore my entrepreneurial curiosity and pursue a meaningful project.

Two outstanding features of this subject are the practical application of learnings from previous subjects in a real-world setting and the development an innovation toolkit/mindset which I would not have gained from just reading case studies or textbooks.  I also thank Kwang and David for their support and personal contributions in making this subject such a fantastic experience.”

Wei-Shen Mak, MBA Student (2016) and Senior Legal & Commercial Consultant.

Wei-Shen Mak