Thank you for supporting BioDesign 2021

We appreciate the extensive help of our guest speakers, community leaders, partners organisations and colleagues.

In 2021, we ran session in-person, hybrid and zoom-only. It was quite an adventure.

The teaching team (David Grayden, Kwanghui Lim and Simon Wilkins) would like to express our gratitude to everyone who contributed to making BioDesign2021 a success, including:

Guest Speakers

  • Callum Lawrence, Senior Project Officer, Innovation Initiatives at University of Melbourne.
  • David Harrison, Principal Consultant, DWH Consulting.
  • Dean Freestone, Co-founder and CEO, Seer Medical.
  • Elaine Saunders, Managing Director at Bingarra ScaleUp Solutions.
  • Esther Apos, Director at CMS Scidoc.
  • Fabian Lim, Industry Partnership and Commercialisation, Imperial College London. Formerly at University of Melbourne.
  • Guido Tresoldi, Liaison Librarian, University of Melbourne.
  • Jonathan Inglis, (MBA, MBS) for co-authoring and co-teaching the NAVi Case Study with Kwang.
  • Jordan Green, President and Founder, Melbourne Angels.
  • A/Prof Jia-Yee Lee, Associate Professor, Enterprise Fellow (Medtech), Melbourne School of Engineering at University of Melbourne.
  • Kyle Slater, CPO at Seer Medical and former CEO at nura.
  • Emeritus Professor Leon Mann, University of Melbourne, who taught our students how to create high-performing teams.
  • Leonore Ryan, Entrepreneur in Residence, TRaM Program, University of Melbourne.
  • Laxmi Pun, Melbourne Accelerator Project.
  • Lachlan Wilson, Patent and Trademark Attorney. Lead, Intellectual Property Team at The University of Melbourne.
  • Maria Pelipas and Makenzie Thomas from The Actuator.
  • Michelle Kleynhans, who returned once again to share real-world commercialisation knowledge.
  • Dr. Tam Nguyen, Associate Professor and Deputy Director of Research, St Vincent’s Hospital.
  • Dr. Vinayak Smith, clinician and scientist based at Monash University.
  • Warren Rudd, Co-founder of Curvecrete.


  • Prof Andrea O’Connor, Dept of Biomedical Engineering.
  • A/Prof David Ackland, Dept of Biomedical Engineering.
  • Dr David Collins, Dept of Biomedical Engineering
  • Professor Glenn Hoetker, MBS.
  • A/Prof Jia-Yee Lee, Enterprise Fellow (Medtech), Melbourne School of Engineering at University of Melbourne.
  • Dr. Lionel Lam, Dept of Biomedical Engineering.
  • Dr. Katie Davey, Dept of Biomedical Engineering.
  • Prof Leigh Johnston, Dept of Biomedical Engineering.
  • A/Prof Kathryn Stok, Dept of Biomedical Engineering.
  • Dr. Sam John, Dept of Biomedical Engineering.
  • Vicki Allen, MBS Alumnae and representative of the MBS Semba Class of 2003 for serving on the pitch selection panel.
  • Dr. Vini Gautam, Dept of Biomedical Engineering.


  • Alex Newton, Brad Bergmann, Mubin Yousef, Shing Yue Sheung, and Wei Sue from NAVi Medical Technologies for helping us throughout the term.
  • Ajit Ravindran, CEO of Lenexa Medical for tips on how to pitch and become investor-ready.
  • Elise Sutherland, CEO of Stelect for being a “live case” in class.
  • Josh Huang and James Lo from YABi Medical for helping our students learn about stakeholder analysis.
  • Reagan Susanto, Dylan Andrews and Yatin Saluja on Needs Analysis.
  • Richa Bhutani, Teri Nolan, Reagan Susanto and Dylan Andrews for helping us with the launch session.
  • All the alumni who came and supported us during the Session 12 NAVi case premiere.


  • Stephen Ho for very generously contributing time and funding towards the student teams, along with his daughter Tracy Ho for offering feedback to the teams.
  • Ian Kirk whose sustained contributions to MBS makes this course viable.
  • The MBS SEMBA class of 2003 for project funding and a commercialisation prize.

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