BioDesign 2022 Summary and Achievements

We had a really exceptional year. Our students worked on exciting projects and we achieved our learning objectives. Thank you to everyone who helped make it a success.

The BioDesign 2022 Cohort

The 2022 cohort consists of seven teams.

Team Notomi

The members of Team Notomi are Chloe Bevans, Selim Darendeliler, Sas Edippily, Emily Ferguson and Jason Tam.

Team Tupointo

Team Tuponito consists of Julian Bianco, Maggie Lam, Mark Perrott, Robert Tran and Shehan Wisidagama. Their first product, The Helping Hand, aims to help nurses avoid injury.

They won the SEMBA Class of 2003 Award for Best Business Approach at the 2022 Endeavour Showcase.

They also won the Telstra Enhancing the Australian Economy Through Innovation Award.

Team Efyra

Team Efyra consists of Ryan Kimball, Dheeghayu Praveen Kusaladarma, Nirav Pal, Loukas Tsigaras and Si Yeaw. They are working on a new device to assist urological surgery.

At the Endeavour showcase, they won the University’s RIC Commercialisation Award.

Team Noodles

Rochelle De Silva, Simone Di-Bisceglie, Cindy M Hidajat, Rob Jenny and Christopher Ong created Noodles Medical. They are aiming to revolusionise womens’ health.

At the University’s Endeavour showcase, Team Noodles won four awards

  • Telstra Digital Innovation Award
  • Airwallex Enhancing Social Impact through Innovation Award
  • Stephen Ho Innovation Award ($20k)
  • Road to Endeavour Award

Team AcuDent

Team AcuDent consists of Aaron Binns, Anna Dai, Ashwin Ho, Liam Murray and Ivy Weng.

They are our first BioDesign team working on dental innovation. AcuDent’s device, the AcuProbe, applies computer vision within the oral environment to more efficiently and accurately conduct the work that current practice burdens the clinician to do manually. The device will ensure that proper diagnosis is achieved to avoid the occurrence of undetected periodontitis, ensuring patients receive the best possible care and dramatically reducing the chances of tooth loosening and tissue degradation.

At the Endeavour exhibition, Team Acudent won the following awards:

  • Telstra Customer & Community Impact Award;
  • Airwallex Customer Centric Design & Social Impact Award;
  • Stephen Ho Innovation Award ($30k);
  • 2022 Endeavour People’s Choice Award;
  • Runner-up for the Road to Endeavour Award.

They are also finalists for the Medtech Actuator Origin competition.

Team Envi

The members of Team Envi are Amin Abbas, Rizwan Jaipurwala, Frederick Lau, Nay Minn, Steven Wong and Yi (Joey) Zhu.

Team Envi is a finalist in the 2022 Medtech Actuator Origin competition.

Team Sensure

Team Sensure consists of Daniel Bertone, Brandon Chen, Sophia Hsiang, Aaron Khoo and Michael Qu. Workng in partnership with the Royal Childrens Hospital, they are working to reduce complications during epidural injections.

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