BioDesign 2016 at Endeavour

Our BioDesign teams exhibited their work at the University of Melbourne Endeavour Engineering & IT Exhibition event on 20th October 2016.

Three of the teams were featured on television by Nine News.

Congratulations to team Neuro. They won one of two Endeavour Wade Institute Entrepreneurship prizes. They also won the IEEE Award for Technical Innovation & Engineering Achievement.

Team Neuro at the Awards Ceremony with Dean of Engineering, Prof. Iven Mareels, and Master of Ormond College & the Wade Institute, Rufus Black. Photo by Kwang.

Each team presented a demo and poster at their booth. It was a great chance to share their hard work and they received a great deal of interest among visitors.

Team Navi at Endeavour. Photo by Kwang
Team SWADE at Endeavour. Photo by Kwang.
Team PELT at Endeavour. Photo by Kwang
Team n.i. at Endeavour. Photo by Kwang
Kwang at the SWADE booth trying an NGT. Photo by Team SWADE
Prof Leon Mann visits team PELT’s Endeavour booth
Mubin shows a demo at Endeavour. Photo by Kwang.
Team Neuro wins one of two Wade Institute Entrepreneurship Award