BioDesign 2017 Summary and Achievements


The 2017 BioDesign class consisted of four teams. It is taught by David Grayden and Michael Vitale.

Team Lenexa

Working on a solution for surgical patients.


Team members: Laura Dooley, John Negropontis, William Yang, Ajit Ravindran, Hiranya Perera, Martin Thompson.


Reducing pressure injury in patients on surgical tables.


Competitor in MedTech’s Got Talent
Winner, 2017 Endeavour Wade Institute Entrepreneurship Award
Winner, 2017 Endeavour Research, Innovation and Commercialisation Prize

Team Vital5



Team members: Vlad Litvenko, Tim De Rango, James Bennett, Naomi Wo, Edward Wong.


Patient monitoring system

Team RespiRate


team3-biodesign2017bTeam members: Hannah Merrigan, Reagan Susanto, Jason Chiang, Megan Astle, Lee Gibson.


Respiratory rate increase is the strongest predictor of hospital patient deterioration. Early warning of deterioration enables intervention, and prevents adverse events such as cardiac arrest, unexpected death and unplanned ICU admission. In addition to saving lives, early warning reduces costs to the health system. Despite its importance in triggering early warning systems, studies show that respiratory rate is the least accurately recorded vital sign, often excluded completely. We are developing a cost-effective, wearable sensor configuration to provide continuous monitoring of respiratory rate..



Competitor in MedTech’s Got Talent
Merit Award, 2017 Endeavour Research, Innovation and Commercialisation Prize

Team Stelect


Team members: Elise Sutherland, Fay Gibson, Marc Stringer, Lizzie Griffiths, Anya Rossello.


An accurate method for physicians to select the optimal stent length when treating patients with coronary stenosis to reduce the incidence of thrombosis and restenosis. In collaboration with cardiologist Prof Peter Barlis.


Won the top prize in MedTech’s Got Talent ($60,000 prize)
Awarded $7000 plus People’s Choice award of $1000 in Ernst & Young Beat the Panel

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