BioDesign 2019 Summary and Achievements

The 2019 cohort consists of four teams working on high-impact projects to help pre-term babies, anaesthetists, rescuers and surgeons.

Team Cari

Team Cari has developed a better-fitting CPAP interface for pre-term babies in intensive care units. This reduces the risk of nasal injury significantly.


Team Gadzet

Team Gadzet has created a comprehensive monitoring system that enables anaesthetists to monitor the site of drug administration and alert them if something goes wrong.

At the 2019 University of Melbourne Endeavour Exhibition, Team Gadzet won one of the two prestigious Wade Institute Entrepreneurship Awards.



Team NeuroVIS

The team developed a system to address nerve damage during surgery. It integrates with existing surgical equipment to identify and provide in real-time information about the location of nerves to surgeons who can then reduce nerve damage during procedures.

Team Neurovis won three awards at the 2019 Endeavour Exhibition: the University of Melbourne RIC (Research Innovation and Commercialisation) Prize, QinetiQ Endeavour Award and the Wade Institute Entrepreneurship Award.



Team Rescuent

A pocket PCR guidance device. It detects CPR compression and offers feedback to rescuers. This improves cardiac arrest survival rates with higher-quality CPR.


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