BioDesign 2020 Summary and Achievements

The 2020 cohort consists of four teams, working on topics relating to patient monitoring, stroke rehabilitation and neonatal care.

Team YABi

Team YABi has developed an accurate and automated method for monitoring and escalating surgical drain output. This is valuable for patients recovering from surgery.

At the 2020 University of Melbourne Endeavour Exhibition, Team YABi won the prestigious Graham Beanland Commercialisation Award. They also won the QinetiQ Endeavour Award.

Somnus Medical

Team Somnus addresses postoperative oxygen desaturation in patients suffering obstructive sleep apnea, through the use of a wearable device.

Team Somnus were Runner Up for the Road to Endeavour Award, 2020.

Team BioStory

BioStory developed an innovative system for the early detection of sepsis in pre-term babies.

At the Endeavour Exhibition BioStory won the Telstra Customer and Community Impact Award and special mention for the Graham Beanland Commercialisation Award. It received the Peoples’ Choice award from Endeavour with over a thousand votes. BioStory also won 3rd place for the Road to Endeavour Video award.

Team ReCube

Team ReCube ensures continuity in stroke rehabilitation under the remote care of a physiotherapist by using a wearable sensor device.

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